“First Impressions ARE Lasting”...

Jayne has very early memories of her singing voice, although at the time she was far too young to understand the full meaning of the sounds she was producing, What she did realise though was that these musical notes pleasured her ear and her audible sense of melody which was already fast developing. At the time of her discovery this small child was so young she couldn't yet pronounce her words fully and her most favoured moments to sing were when her mother wheeled her small charge along in her baby carriage the movement of which seemed to prompt notes to flute out of her mouth.........These memories are still very vivid.

Eventually school and the weekly singing class revealed the true significance of her puzzlement; all became clear; and it was from then on a happy and truly exciting fulfilment whenever she sang and she could barely contain herself until the next weeks' lesson.

We move on swiftly to her later teens and her audition into The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London where she sang an aria and was immediately accepted to study there.

Her whole life to date has been the joy of music, singing, speech, the love of words and their expression and her passion and desire to pass all this knowledge on to others so that they may too express themselves in the same delightful and rewarding manner.

Jayne's long and successful career as a performer, a producer and director, has resulted in her present status as a vocal coach, drama coach, and personal presenter. Jayne produces voices in all aspects of their function with careful instruction and guidance, gently nurturing and structuring the process for all her students in order that they may accomplish a much better and easier passage of speaking and singing without causing tiredness and exhaustion after less than ten minutes.

To be able to project the voice and communicate in an unconstrained and totally effortless manner is one of the best gifts we can bestow upon ourselves, so why hesitate?

Contact Jayne and she will guide you in the right direction................................
Jayne is approachable, helpful, affable, and easy to be with.


Contact Jayne Marshall:
T 0208 399 9543 • M 0777 301 8829 • Kingston on Thames area